Sony’s Xperia Z4 was pretty bleh—it’s not launching in the U.S. yet, and the specs don’t really hold a flame to phones like the One M9, Galaxy S6 and LG G4. Rumor has it Sony is working on a much better phone, however, and on Friday we were treated to what might be an early design of that device.

Upleaks published the above image on Twitter. Sure, it doesn’t look like much: you basically have the core of a smartphone that appears to be built out of plastic. But clearly some designer somewhere is imagining a new Sony smartphone with a bezel-less display, and that’s something we can get on board with. One only need to look Sharp Aquos Crystal to see how awesome that kind of design can be.

The phone is apparently called “Lavender” right now, which is most likely just an internal code name. We don’t know much else about the phone, but our fingers are crossed Sony keeps pushing forward on development. Here’s a full look at the alleged Lavender: