Sony Wedding Invitation

While December is usually a time of merriment and family for most, for those of us int he consumer electronics field it just means we’re in the final push for the Consumer Electronics Show.

It’s this time of year that our inboxes begin to overflow with invitations to a gajillion events that will be happening in Las Vegas during CES 2012, and the one thing they all share in common is they’re pretty boring.  None of them really leap out and grab you, but the one you see above came in today from Sony, and it really struck the TechnoBuffalo crew as “different.”

We’ve removed the identifying info, but this event is being hosted at one of the wedding chapels in Vegas, and the face the invite looks like a wedding announcement is definitely unique.  When we clicked through to the site we found what looked to be a wedding book.Sony Wedding Book

As you flipped through the pages it tells you the story of how television and Internet met, and how they fell in love with one another.  It also lists all of the groomsmen, bridesmaids and family members.  (Al Gore is listed as the Father of the Bride … you have to chuckle)

Sony wedding book - interior

Sony has definitely won us over with this invite, and we can’t wait to see just what the heck they are showing off at CES 2012.  Click through to the site, it’s good for some smiles.

[via Sony]