Sony Xperia T

If you want to get a taste of Jelly Bean on the Xperia T, Sony on Friday said it has released an official alpha ROM for unlocked devices only. It's obviously not the full deal, but it gives users an idea of what to expect—if you're willing to flash your device with alpha software, that is.

Devices such as the Xperia TX, V, and S aren't supported, so don't even think about it, ok guys? If you do decide to take the plunge, users are required to sign a waiver absolving Sony of any responsibility if your device bricks. 

If you do flash your device, you won't be able to make voice calls, Wi-Fi won't work and you won't be to get the final Jelly Bean upgrade if you unlock the boot loader. So, unless you're an advanced developer who is actually going to create/tweak apps, we'd suggested staying away from this alpha software.