U.S. government officials say Sony is terrified it could be hit by more cyber attacks once The Interview is released on Dec. 25. Sony is currently reeling from a massive leak at the hands of the Guardians of Peace, who managed to acquire company passwords, unreleased movies and scripts, and even employee medical records. A recent warning from the GoP said the first leak was only the beginning, and urged Sony to cancel the movie’s release altogether; the film premiered last night in Los Angeles.

A suspect has yet to be named, though authorities believe North Korea perpetrated the attack. North Korean officials have denied involvement, though they did call the hack “righteous,” implying government officials certainly support Sony’s predicament. The Interview, which stars James Franco and Seth Rogen, is a comedy that follows the two as they attempt to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Reception by officials in the isolated nation hasn’t been favorable, as you’d imagine, which is why many believe the country is responsible for the hack.

Sony is currently working with the National Security Division of the Department of Justice to figure out who is behind the attack. Some officials from the Security Division allegedly believe “state actors” are responsible, which means some people may have worked on behalf of a governmental body. Whether someone did it on behalf of North Korea is unclear. A recent report claimed the hack may have originated out of a hotel in Bangkok, though that doesn’t necessarily rule anyone in (or out).

Earlier this week, the GoP released a bunch of new files from Sony servers, so damage is still being done. Sony hasn’t backed down from its support of The Interview just yet, and with only two weeks to go until it officially hits theaters, it would seem the release is still most definitely on. When it is out in theaters, however, it could mean a whole new world of pain for Sony.

“They are spooked,” an anonymous government official said about Sony.