Sony has confirmed that it is bringing HDR functionality to its entire lineup of 1080p televisions. Everything from the entry-level Bravia RE4 to the high-end WD75 will be updated, but it seems you may need a PlayStation 4 to take advantage of it.

HDR, or high-dynamic-range, is a technology that significantly improves picture quality by increasing the range of luminosity. Blacks become darker and whites become brighter producing a greater image overall — but HDR isn't quite widespread just yet.

To enjoy HDR, you not only need a compatible set, but also HDR content. Fortunately, the number of HDR TVs is quickly increasing, and they're becoming more affordable. Meanwhile, the likes of Netflix and Amazon are offering more and more HDR content.

However, most of that content is only available in HDR when you watch it in super-sharp Ultra HD (4K). With that being the case, it's still unclear whether you'll be able to enjoy any of it on Sony's 1080p sets once they've been updated.

You will be able to enjoy HDR in 1080p on the PlayStation 4, which was updated last year to support HDR games in 1080p. If you're not a gamer and you don't own one, then this HDR update for your Bravia set may not be all that exciting to you.