PlayStation Network LogoThe PlayStation Network was hacked nearly two months ago by a still anonymous entity. It took Sony more than a month to secure its service enough to bring their full host of goods back online for consumers. Since then, according to Sony Europe head Andrew House, Sony's become "hyper vigilant" when it comes to the security of its infrastructure and user security.

In an interview with CVG, House expressed a sense of gratitude for consumers who have stuck with Sony through this issue. He also put up a show of remorse and insurance. Sony's working as hard as they can, as House puts it.

"The first thing I'd like to say to people is that we are genuinely humbled and extremely grateful to those consumers who have continued to put their trust in us…That's a responsibility we now take even more seriously than we did before. We'll try our absolute best to try and make our system as secure as we possibly can."

While the missteps in designing a secure network are completely Sony's fault, it's hard to criticize them as they appear to be diligently working on making the best of their network from here on out. The company likely lost a lot of footing when it comes to consumer and investor trust because of the attack and subsequent network downtime; however, will their "hyper vigilance" and currently available content freebies be enough to sway those that have left back to the PSN?

In his interview with CVG, House seemed to echo the same set of regret, sincerity and promise that Sony's Jack Tretton brought to the E3 press conference roughly two weeks ago. If that attitude is shared on a company wide level, Sony will likely keep working hard until everything has been rectified and settled.

That doesn't erase the fact that their network was compromised.

Do you trust in Sony's apparent security tightening and company sincerity?

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