It won’t be long until Sony makes its Honami smartphone official, but we’re getting yet another look at what the device looks like. Ahead of the company’s supposed Sept. 4 event, more leaked images of the white model have leaked out, again confirming the device will come with a monster camera, including f/2.4 aperture, G-branding and 20-megapixel sensor.

The pictures don’t reveal anything new about the device itself, but we do get a glimpse at its size next to Apple’s iPhone 5. Sony’s handset adheres to designs of the past, with a nice glass back and more squared off corners. Otherwise the camera’s software clearly says it has a 20-megapixel sensor (as does the rear of the phone), which will easily be Honami’s biggest selling point when it’s officially unveiled.

If the device does get announced on Sept. 4, we are only a few weeks away from actually seeing how it performs and handles. Sony’s Xperia Z handset was good, but its Honami device could push the company onto a completely different tier. We can’t wait to find out.