It isn't difficult to guess what Sony has planned for Mobile World Congress. In the run up to this year's event, not only has an Xperia Tablet Z2 been rumored, but we've seen its "Sirius" flagship, otherwise known as the Xperia Z2, shown off in detail in a video. Despite this, Sony is attempting to rile up its fans, posting a short teaser for "something extraordinary" set to be unveiled on Feb. 24, which is just days away. What can it be? I wonder.

Sony has already been pretty active in the mobile scene this year, unveiling the Xperia Z1 Compact and Z1S last month. Already the company is ahead of its competitors, and it doesn't appear Sony has any intention of slowing down. The Z1 Compact in particular was an excellent handset, and it sounds like its Z2, likely its big flagship for the duration of 2014, will be much better.

In addition to seeing the Z2 revealed on video, we've also seen the possible UI of Sony's flagship ahead of its unveiling. We'll see an official announcement in just a few days, so hang tight.