Sony has opened a website for making claims in the class action settlement reached last year in regards to the massive PSN breach it experienced in 2011.

Users with a PlayStation Network, Qriocity or Sony Online Entertainment account prior to May 15, 2011 could be in for a free game or PlayStation Plus subscription if it meets Sony's requirements. Further criteria determining the size of your reward will be the extent your account might have been compromised, if your account went inactive after the scandal broke out, and if you took advantage of the "Welcome Back" initiative after Sony already gave away free content to apologize.

Possible games include inFamous, LittleBigPlanet, Super Star Dust HD, God of War HD Collection, and other PSP and PlayStation 3 titles. If not games, Sony also has themes and three free months of PlayStation Plus available to plaintiffs. Current subscribers of PlayStation Plus can't be awarded this option.

Claims must be filed by Aug. 21, 2015, and those who apply will get their free game after that date.

Again, this is a class action settlement, not a nice gesture or apology to the fans. I already took part in the "Welcome Back" giveaway, and I don't really need to take further advantage of the free content, especially because I was in no way directly affected by the breach. It's certainly there if you want it though.