We here at TechnoBuffalo are always looking to improve our video content. YouTube is a major part of our company’s success, after all. So in addition to bringing in new talent and refining our style, we thought the time was right to make the jump. As of today, we’re saying good-bye to our Canon C100, and hello to Sony’s FS7.

The obvious draw here is the FS7’s ability to shoot internally at 4K. But we ultimately went with the FS7 for a few different reasons. 1) The camera’s form factor is easy to handle, especially for the work we do. 2) Sony offers a ton of really great glass, and if Sony doesn’t offer something we like, we always have the options to use other lenses through an adapter. 3) There’s a solid balance between compressed footage and RAW, allowing us to better manage file size and workflow.

Some of the FS7’s specs include a super 35 sized CMOS sensor, Sony E-mount, UHD up to 60 fps, HD up to 180 fps and dual XQD memory card slots. We’re coming over from Canon, so the transition to an entirely new camera will be difficult at first, but once we get into the flow, you should start seeing a big bump in quality going forward.

We’re hoping to bring you a lot of great video content this year, and the jump to 4K will help us get to where we want to be. For now, check out the unboxing of this beast. She’s pretty, no?