Sony TV set

LG announced on Wednesday that it would be bringing its 84-inch 4K Ultra HD television to North America and Europe in September, and it looks like the super-sized set may be about to get some competition. Sony is expected to announce its own 84-inch TV at IFA 2012 in Berlin later this month, and it will boast a staggering 4096 x 3072 resolution, according to anonymous sources speaking to CNET.

While the set may be the same size at LG’s, its resolution is significantly greater (4096 x 3072 compared to 3840 x 2160) — four times greater than a conventional “full HD” 1080p set, to be precise. It’s also expected to feature side-lit LCD panels that allow it be thinner than backlit LCD sets, and it could have removable speakers.

And the looks? CNET says:

In terms of design, our source describes the aesthetics as a reimagined retro-style appearance with a modern twist.

I’m not really sure what that suggests, so I think we’ll have to wait and see what Sony unveils before casting our thoughts.

Sony has been one of the companies pushing 4K television sets in recent years. It already offers a 4K-compatible Blu-ray player, camcorder, and projector, and there have been suggestions that the PlayStation 4 will offer 4K support, too.

And we’re expecting most TV manufacturers to take a similar route. They have recently been pushing 3D as an incentive to upgrade standard high-definition sets, but the technology is still yet to go mainstream, and only a relatively small portion of consumers are interested in it. It now seems as though they will focus their efforts on 4K technology instead to give the mass market a reason to upgrade.

[via CNET]