E3 is just a few days away. I’m already losing sleep over it. That’s as much from excitement as it is from stress, though. E3 is always an exciting time for gamers, and there’s going to be so much to see it threatens to turn our brains to mush. We couldn’t possibly fit everything we expect to see from Sony’s show into one place and keep it readable. We’re pretty sure we’re going to finally get a good look at Insomniac’s Spider-Man game. We’re expecting to get a release window for Days Gone and God of War. But here are some things we’d absolutely love to see come out of Sony’s show. Check back throughout the week for thoughts about some of the other press conferences!

A Bloodborne 2 teaser

From Software is completely done with Dark Souls. Souls will no longer be dark from this point on. The PlayStation-exclusive Bloodborne was a breath of fresh air, though, and we’ve been hoping to see more since we finished the original back in early 2015. From has been pretty good about getting games out quickly, so a teaser for Bloodborne 2 is a pretty reasonable expectation. The game did fairly well, and Sony seemed quite proud of it. We’d be happy to delve back into From’s inspired take on Lovecraft mythology and concepts.

Horizon Zero Dawn story DLC

Horizon Zero Dawn is easily my favorite game of 2017 so far. And yes, I remember that games like Nier Automata, Prey, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out this year. I loved everything about the game. The concept of fighting robotic dinosaurs/beasts. The excellent science fiction story. The combat. The visuals. I was disappointed when the game was done. I want more. I’d love to see Guerrilla Games announce more Horizon for us to aim our ropecasters at. Aloy still has much to learn about her world, and she’s only explored the smallest part of it. What new beasts, new sights, might be out there for her to encounter?

PlayStation gets a price drop

When Sony’s show begins, Microsoft will have likely have announced the price, name, and release date for the console currently codenamed Scorpio. We’ll finally know how much it costs and so will Sony. The console maker will have a day to decide, if it hasn’t already, if it wants to try to undercut Microsoft’s hype with a price cut to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. If Sony can afford it, that would be a great move going into the holiday season after having half a year packed with exclusives like we’ve seen so far. It’s hard to say how likely this is, but there’s no doubt gamers would be pleased.

Something new from Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is best known for the Sly Cooper and Infamous games. One of those is beloved, while the other is a little more controversial. I loved Sucker Punch’s take on superhero stories. Infamous and Infamous 2 were both tons of fun, and Infamous: Second Son was one of the first truly gorgeous, stable, and complete PlayStation 4 games. That game came out in 2014, though, so it’s been three years since we heard from the team. They have to be working on something. Rumors of an new IP have flown around, and there’s nothing we’d like more than to see something fresh from a studio known for fresh ideas.

Last of Us 2 gameplay footage

This one could be a big no-show. Naughty Dog only just showed off the first trailer for the game at the PlayStation Experience in December. We aren’t really even expecting the game until Fall 2018 at the very earliest. But we’d love to see the game in action, if only to get a better handle on what it’s about.

And one thing we’re expecting, but definitely not hoping for:

Virtually nothing about virtual reality

Sony is good about trying out new ideas, but they can sometimes be quick to drop them. PlayStation VR is arguably the most popular of the VR headsets out there, but it’s failed as much as the others to enter the zeitgeist. Farpoint dropped recently, and we’re hearing it’s pretty solid, but that’s really the sum total of what we’ve heard about PlayStation VR since last year. Sony has to go big or go home on PlayStation VR, and we’re worried they might just take the ball home. We want to see VR succeed, but it’s struggling on all fronts, including this one.

Sony’s big E3 show kicks off on Monday, June 12, at 6 p.m. PST.