Oh dear.. Once again, Microsoft gave a rip-roaring presentation that is sure to ignite its fanbase. Once again, Sony showed why the PlayStation 4 is still soaring out in front. And once again, I am going to fill up our comments section with arguments and insults.

Oh well, thems the breaks, but so far, I can’t hand the trophy over to any other company this year besides Sony. PlayStation is all about the games, and in rapid-fire succession, E3 2016 delivered explosive announcement after explosive announcement. Boom! Boom!

I mean, when you set the tone with a brand new God of War, you’re really setting the standard kind of high. Kratos’ grand return is bound to have both fans and detractors, but this new direction seems inevitable. Devil May Cry style action is no longer “in,” and Tomb Raider and Dark Souls styles are. This series is doing what it always does by following what is popular, bringing that unmistakable violence and production value along with it.

And that beard! Man, that’s awesome.

Days Gone looks solid too, and the number of zombies Bend Studio can cram on the screen is just unfathomable. What’s even more impressive is how they move with such fluid motion. I was interested in this game before realizing it was a zombie shooter, but after the gameplay demonstration, I might be holding back. I’m tired of zombies, but even more so, I hate motorcycles in video games, no thank you.

I’m also not ruling out the possibility that this game takes place in the same universe as The Last of Us. Like, Joel clears up the infection around the world, and then zombies start springing up. A second flesh-eating apocalypse. What horrible luck!

The Last Guardian also finally got a release date, and you think that would be big enough news in itself after a decade of waiting. However, Team ICO went ahead and changed the entire look of the game, a move that is bound to, again, split the fanbase. I’m all for it, but like I said before, seeing the same footage for 10 years has left expectations on those who have been really patient.

Don’t expect everyone to be so welcoming.

Horizon Zero Dawn still looks like an excellent open-world action game, and Quantic Dream is somehow returning to AAA development with a new game called Detroit Become Human, making it the second-worst titled game at the show… behind Horizon Zero Dawn. Seriously though, how does this studio keep making such high profile games? I thought everything it touches tanks.

Then came out the big guns! Resident Evil 7, PlayStation VR, you can’t beat that! Nobody knows what to expect from this new game, and it looks a lot more like P.T. than it does any other Resident Evil game in recent memory. However, if any series out there need to be scrubbed and given a clean slate, it’s Resident Evil. Just, throw it all out with the bath water and try something totally radical and liberating.

PlayStation VR is coming out on Oct. 13 and will have over 50 games by the end of the year. Farpoint, Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Missions were the biggest highlights at the show. That Final Fantasy XV experience looks pretty horrible though, I’ll give you that.

And then yet another crowd-pleasing moment! Crash Bandicoot is coming home with a full-blown remaster of the first three PlayStation games. Fans have been asking for years for someone to light a fire under the lost, beloved mascot, and this is the best chance he has at making a meaningful return. A much better prospect than Skylanders at any rate.

Boom, Call of Duty: Infinity War looked better in this newest gameplay trailer, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remaster should be a profitable timed-exclusive for Sony.

And just when you thought the show couldn’t get any bigger, Hideo Kojima himself struts out onto the stage and shows off his new Norman Reedus naked simulator. Actually, Death Stranding is still shrouded in mystery, and nobody knows what to expect from the title. But it’s Hideo Kojima, and that’s the way people like it. Will it be fun? Will it be creepy? Who knows, but with that man’s name attached to it, it’s going to be big.

Climax, huh? Nothing else… or… wait, it’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! And he’s not backed by just any old development team either. Sony tapped none other than Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games to give the webslinger a new look, and a better match couldn’t be made in Heaven. This is an exclusive open-world title developed by one of the best in the business, and could turn out to be the definitive Spider-Man game.

Look, Microsoft had some good games, but there is simply too much to compete with here. Crazy announcement after crazy announcement, and the only moment that could possibly top this one was Sony’s Final Fantasy VII Remake/Shenmue 3/The Last Guaridan triple punch from last year. By the way, Final Fantasy VII didn’t turn up during Sony’s show this year.

What’s the deal, Square Enix?

But if Microsoft flexed its muscles with new hardware and bragged about how it was trying to tear down generational walls, Sony’s press conference replied with a different kind of confidence in saying that it doesn’t need to shake things up to be the best. Sony has landed so many exclusives and timed exclusives over the year that Microsoft needs to change the game if it wants to stand a chance.

Sony doesn’t talk up interactivity between consoles and PCs. It doesn’t talk new hardware. The only time it did was confirming the release date of PlayStation VR, and that was in passing between two of its benchmark announcements from the show. Sony doesn’t bring up awkward athletes or annoying actors either.

For the second year in a row, it was all about the games. For the second year in a row, it shattered expectations and delivered multiple surprises. Maybe the bar was set a little too high in 2015, and that’s why this year might seem a little down, but once again, Sony has proven why it is in the driver’s seat. It has the biggest selection of games, the biggest variety of games, and it has the most recognizable names.

For the second year in a row, it proved on stage why it is still the team to beat.