Back in 2014, Sony crowd-funded a simple e-ink watch called FES. Now the company is trying again with the FES Watch U, which offers a more complex design and an always-on e-paper display.

Like with the original FES, the entire watch face and wristband are made using the electronic material. You can customize the design using a special mobile app, though you’re limited to black and white colors. The FES Watch U also adds a metal frame and a sapphire glass cover, giving the new device a bit of extra polish and a premium look.

Beyond tweaking the design there’s not much the FES Watch U can do. Sony doesn’t mention any sort of smartphone notification syncing or anything like that.

If you’re still interested we have a bit more bad news. The FES Watch U is limited to Japan, at least for now. If you live in the country you can pre-order one for as little as $438, though it won’t actually ship until April 2017. If the device turns out to be a hit it’s possible it could get a global launch, but that probably won’t happen for at least another year at best.