Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, has seen the Wii U and does not consider it an imminent threat to the PlayStation 3. Given the nature of comments from all corners of the Internet, one would have thought that Sony and Microsoft caught one glimpse at the Wii U and hopped into their respective Bat Caves to get cracking on their next systems. You know the comments I'm talking about, "PS4 and Xbox 720 will kick this thing's backside!"

Sure, they probably will … but not any time soon as far as Sony's concerned. Tretton explained that he sees the Wii U as Nintendo's attempt to finally join the party. He even goes on to say, effectively, that high definition gaming is so 2006 for his company. And, well, he's right. Nintendo's taking a crack at the HD graphics that Sony and Microsoft have been producing for years; I leave which company does it better up to you folks.

The Wii U hasn't sent Sony rushing to their design labs just yet. In fact, Tretton indicates that the PS3 is just getting started.

"PlayStation 3 is really just hitting its stride. And technologically, I don't think it's possible to provide any advancement beyond what we have…

…What we've seen from the competition is trying to add features that already exist in PlayStation 3. We invested heavily in that, we rolled a very heavy rock up a steep hill, through the launch period. But now I think that all pays off, and we've got a long run way behind it. So, I wouldn't look for any discussion of a next generation PlayStation for quite some time."

Sony created the PlayStation 3 with a 10 year lifecycle in mind. They've been saying that since day one. Don't think that the Wii U will force them to get working on their next system just yet. If the Wii U is a runaway hit, expect Sony to look into the streaming tablet technology that Nintendo hopes to bring to the console market. Both Sony and Microsoft got into motion-based gaming more seriously after Nintendo demonstrated it could bring in the money.

The PS4? Not anytime soon.

[via CVG]