PS Vita In Hand

Sony has confirmed in a post on its PlayStation blog that the PS Vita will be gaining a new YouTube application at the end of next month that will allow portable gamers to enjoy their favorite funny cat videos on the handheld's gorgeous, 5-inch OLED display.

As you'd expect, the application will be free to download from the PlayStation Store, and Sony promises it will boast all the features "you're already familiar with" — including the ability to search for videos, set favorites, make comments, and access your YouTube account. The app is part of the Korean company's focus on "unique, social and immersive experiences only available on the PS Vita," and it follows the recent release of the Skype application.

The announcement comes over five months after the PS Vita made its initial debut in Japan, and many of us — including myself — are surprised it's taken Sony this long to make a YouTube app available. Nevertheless, the wait is nearly over.

Sony has not provided any videos or screenshots of the Vita's YouTube app in action, but we're expecting the company to show it off at E3 next week. We will, of course, bring you any updates.

Are you looking forward to YouTube for the PS Vita?

[via The Verge]