The minds at Sony can produce some pretty incredible things, but some of them need explaining, like this chunky wireless speaker that has a built-in TV remote.

The SRS-LSR100 looks futuristic, like a control panel pulled from a spaceship, and it’s more useful that it might seem at first glance. Yes, it’s a TV remote fused to the top of a speaker, but there’s a good reason for that.

With the help of a dongle, the speaker is able to output sound from your TV, allowing you to move around your home and continue listening to the news or your favorite chat show from afar. You can then return to the living room and switch channels without hunting for the remote.

Sony suggests you use the device while doing the housework or putting the baby to sleep, though the latter will probably be easier without the sound of the TV.

The speaker also has a headphone jack built-in, which seems like its best feature to me. If you want to watch TV at night without disturbing other people in your house, simple have the sound beamed to your speaker and plug in some headphones.

The SRS-LSR100 measures 179mm wide, 71mm tall, and 28mm deep, and its internal battery lasts 3 hours in between charges. It’s set to make its debut in Japan on September 12, priced at ¥19,980 (approx. $167), but there’s no word on a U.S. release just yet.