CES 2014-Sony

Sony has closed down its online store for Europe and now redirects customers to retail partners in various regions when they choose to purchase a Sony product. The closure comes one month after Sony ceased selling products directly to customers in the U.S.

"Customers in Europe are no longer be able to purchase products directly from Sony, but from our retail partners," the Japanese company told a customer based in Switzerland on Twitter. However, this tweet has since been removed.

What was Sony's online store now serves as little more than a catalog of its products for those in Europe. Should a visitor wish to buy one of its products, they are redirected to local retailers, such as Currys and John Lewis in the U.K.

Sony also shuttered its U.S. online store in late August, but the company announced the move a month in advance to give fans plenty of notice. The closure of its European store comes as a surprise, and Sony is yet to confirm the move or the reason behind it.