2007 saw the initial release of what turned out to be an exceptionally fun, if not a bit flat, multiplayer adventure for the PlayStation 3. Warhawk took the third person shooter concept and applied generous helpings of large-scale absurdity and new console generation look and feel. The result was a game that saw initial success and then a strong cult following.

Now, Sony has announced the follow-up to 2007's Warhawk with Starhawk. Developed by LightBox Interactive, the same studio that developed Warhawk with a brand new name.  Starhawk takes the Warhawk gameplay and sets it well into the future and on several different moons. In addition to the new locales and era, Starhawk will feature a new "Build and Battle" system that will allow players to set up bases on the fly during combat. That sort of concept provides opportunities for more tactical strategy in this third-person shooter.

There will also be a single player campaign.

Not to talk badly about a title that's just been announced, but it's always been my experience that the single player component of a mainly multiplayer product is almost always lacking in pure heart and soul. Call me crazy, but when studios spend time focusing on game features that don't fall into their "bread and butter" category, the result is typically lackluster. Look towards the multiplayer in games like BioShock 2 or Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Good ideas in premise, yes, but in practice? Like I said, lackluster.

Still, Starhawk serves as a welcome addition to the PlayStation 3 library. There are plenty of Warhawk fans that have been dying for an upgrade to the game that they know and love. New tech, better graphics, more weapons, more vehicles, a new setting and a single player portion will make Starhawk exceptionally appealing.

Starhawk is due out sometime in 2012. We'll have more on the property as it's announced.

[via CraveOnline]