Sony of Japan has announced the PSP Remaster series, a publishing plan designed to bring some of the greatest hits from the PlayStation Portable (PSP) catalogue up to the PlayStation 3. The games will be remastered and worked into HD forms so that consumers can enjoy the best that the PSP library has to offer.

And they can do it without ever owning a PSP.

The games themselves will be, as mentioned before, done up in HD fashion, compatible with the DualShock 3 controller and capable of 3D support. Furthermore, the games will share save data with the PSP. That means players we'll be able to advance in God of War on the go and pick up right where they left off at home.

While the announcement was meant for Japan, has it that the press release accompanying this news indicated that the PSP Remaster series would eventually be released on an international scale. The games will head to Blu-ray discs first, but then content will be available for download through the PlayStation Store… assuming it's ever working again.

Sorry, had to get that rib in there.

Gamers should be excited. While the PSP hasn't always been a champion of success in the software arena, some of its games are absolutely stunning. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, both God of War titles and the Monster Hunter franchise have all been fantastic. And that's just glossing over a few of the best from the portable's history. Making them available to console owners in a downloadable format is a fantastic way to reinvigorate the brands and the software catalogue itself.

The first game set to release in the series in Japan is, of course, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD. That franchise is gigantic in Japan.