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Sony has announced the first firmware update for its PlayStation Vita since the device made its debut in the U.S. on February 22. Version 1.65 of the PS Vita firmware is described only as a "minor" update, but it features a number of improvements to the handheld's operating system that I think almost all users will be welcoming with open arms.

For me, the biggest and best change comes to notifications: A new "Notification Alert" option will be added to the Vita's settings menu, allowing you to toggle alerts on and off. Finally! While it is nice to receive notifications occasionally, they do take up a fairly large portion of the Vita's 5-inch display, which can be a pain when you're in the middle of a game.

Additionally, an "Arrow icon" will now appear when the Vita finds new activities in the LiveArea, and you'll find that caps lock is now supported by the device's on-screen keyboard. Finally, users will have the option to automatically put their device to sleep after ten minutes of inactivity. This feature is already supported by the Vita, but it currently only allows the device to sit for a maximum of five minutes before going into standby.

When Sony releases the update, which will be "soon," you'll be able to download it either over Wi-Fi or 3G on the Vita itself, or on your Mac or PC via Sony's Content Manager software. Like all of Sony's firmware updates, you'll be blocked from going online until you've installed it.

What do you think of the Vita's 1.65 firmware update?

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