A new God of War game has been in development from Sony Santa Monica Studios for a while. Finally, the veil has been lifted, as Sony just announced that a God of War collection for the PS3 is currently in development, slated for a September release. The collection will include the two portable installments in the God of War series, all remastered to utilize 3D technology.

Earlier, Forbes seemingly confirmed a new God of War game:

Sony’s press conference will announce some additional titles, including a new God of War 3D adventure, but these five titles should help drive sales of PS3 hardware this year and also keep PS3 gamers happy now that the hacking incident is over.

Back in April, we heard that a Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection was pushed back from its original Spring 2011 release. During its press event, Sony announced that this collection does exist and will be hitting consoles this fall.

What do you, fellow gamers, think? Are you excited for yet another adventure with Kratos? Share your thoughts on the forthcoming God of War game via the comment section below.