SmartWatch3_Stainless_Steel_Side_hi res

Sony’s SmartWatch 3 is already a solid Android Wear device, but now it’s getting a nice little upgrade. The Japanese company unveiled a new version of the SmartWatch 3 on Monday with a stainless steel design alongside with a few other announcements.

Besides its new metal exterior, the SmartWatch 3 still packs the same 1.6-inch 320x 320 display, water-resistant design, and microUSB charger as the original model. The new variant is set to launch around the world some time next month, though Sony hasn’t offered any specifics on availability or pricing just yet. The company also introduced a new SmartWatch 3 holder, which makes it easy to swap in any 24mm watch strap you want and hits the market in early 2015.

Alongside its upgraded smartwatch, Sony also announced an update to its Lifelog fitness tracking app. The upgraded Android software now works in your browser as well, giving you easy access to the latest data stored to the app. The company also plans to team up with a handful of smaller firms like IFTTT, Habit Monster and Withings to make the SmartWatch 3 even better.

Finally, the Japanese giant offered a peek at its plans for future wearable devices that go far beyond anything the SmartWatch 3 can do. Sony revealed a new version of its augmented reality glasses with SmartEyeglass Attach, a single display that attaches to your regular glasses. There’s also a new headset called the Smart B-Trainer designed specifically for runners, which offers voice coaching and creates personalized music playlists for your runs.

Of course, these projects are probably at least a few years away from actually hitting the market, but for now at least you can swap out that plastic SmartWatch 3 for a high-end metal version.