Look at this thing. It’s almost criminal how blue this new PS Vita is. Hey, if that’s your thing, get ready to pick one up. This Aqua Blue PS Vita has been announced for the U.S.

This is the slimmer, lighter PS Vita. It’s currently exclusive to GameStop, and it carries a $199.99 price tag. It’s set to release on Nov. 6, 2015.

I love the bold color of this device, and if I was currently in the market for a new PS Vita, I might give it a look.

My complaints? It’s not bundled with any games and it doesn’t include any additional memory. I’m almost entirely digital with my PS Vita purchases, and their memory cards are still way more expensive than they should be. A new 32GB card goes for $79.99. That’s almost half the price of the handheld itself.

Bundle this with a game and a memory card and it flies off the shelves. For now, it’s just a really interesting color choice for the PS Vita.

Any takers?