A few months back, Jerry Lambert, the actor who plays Sony's VP of everything named Kevin Butler, appeared in a Bridgestone commercial. In that commercial he was egging on a fellow scientist in the enjoyment of a Nintendo Wii.

That appearance, in the corporate eyes of Sony, went against the character of Kevin Butler and caused an amount of damage to the PlayStation brand. They sued Butler and Bridgestone in response.

Now, the news is out that Lambert and Sony have settled out of court. The rules of the settlement dictate that Lambert can't appear in any gaming ads for two years, and that he must get permission from Sony to appear in any ads in the future.

Lambert probably didn't realize Sony would be taking away a whole potential sector of work when they turned him into Kevin butler.

The bad news? Us gamers and fans won't be able to see Kevin Butler in his typically awesome capacities until 2015.