Aerosense, an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle joint venture between Sony Mobile and ZMP that was announced in July, just unveiled its new prototype drone. It probably won’t ever end up in the hands of consumers — it’s instead going to be targeted at enterprise businesses —but it’s the most promising looking delivery drone we’ve seen yet.

As you’ll note in the video above, the drone looks a bit like a model airplane, though takes off vertically. It’s capable of cruising through the air for up to two hours at a time, and carrying loads of up to 22 pounds. Why drive when you can fly your kid to grandma’s house?

Seriously, though, this type of drone could be incredibly useful for farmers who need to scout huge fields of crops with heavy cameras, or for companies keeping track of pipelines that run many miles. Or, perhaps, for deliveries similar to what Amazon has planned with Amazon Prime Air. Sony hasn’t announced pricing, this is just a prototype after all, but we suspect something like this won’t come cheap.

Check out the flight in the video below, just wear some headphones. This thing sounds like 10,000 lawnmowers going off at once.