CVG has it from an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Head Shuhei Yoshida that the company both regrets their decisions with the PSPgo and plans to never repeat those same mistakes. According to their interview, Yoshida owned up straight away by saying "I could spend 30 minutes talking about what was wrong with PSPgo…"


Yoshida went on to explain exactly what types of lessons the hardware designers learned from the PSPgo and its failures. For starters, they liked the digital platform, but recognized the fault of not including the full PSP library on the PlayStation Store. That lesson is translating to the NGP already as Sony has announced that they will offer the PSP catalogue in the PlayStation Store as a form of backwards compatibility in absence of the UMD drive on the device.

Morover, and this was one of my chief complaints about the PSPgo, Yoshida admitted that their top priority in designing the device was making it small and compact. The problem with that, according to Yoshida, was the loss of hardware real estate. From CVG:

"Hardware wise we made it our highest priority to make it small and portable but that's not what people really wanted. Because when we made it too small the screen was smaller, the buttons were thinner. It's kind of difficult, cramped into a smaller body.

…That's one of the things we learned when making the decision about large we want the screen for NGP. The five inch OLED screen and the size of the body meant we can fit the real analogue sticks."

Consumers, by and large, did not like the PSPgo. The hardware's form and design principles seemed to doom it from day one, and the sales never quite recovered.Hopefully Sony did take stock in their mistakes, like Yoshida's saying. Experience like that may make the NGP an even better portable gaming device.

[via CVG]