Sonos has been making some of the best speakers for a while now. The company’s willingness to keep up with third-party integration like Amazon’s Alexa has also infused its speakers with versatility other speakers don’t have. Its latest speaker, the Playbase, follows in the same lineage of premium finish and well-rounded integration.

Part of Sonos’s most important segment is home sound system. The Playbase is its latest speaker in this segment. It’s meant for non-mounted TVs. Sonos claims that 70% of TVs aren’t mounted, and the Playbase was created to fit discreetly under TVs. It’s only 58mm, or 2.28 inches, in height which won’t add too much in bulk.

The speaker looks quite slick too. Sonos used a custom-designed glass-filled polycarbonate exterior to reduce vibration and be sturdy enough to hold hefty TVs. Its wide design houses the 10 drivers and 43,000 holes that make up the “acoustically transparent grill.” This ensures the best sound comes out of the speaker when watching TV or listening to music. It features no visible seams and a vertical Sonos logo that glows white in the center.

The Playbase will be available in two colors: black and white; and will cost $699.

Integration completes the Sonos experience

Sonos is also promising support for over 80 music services like Apple Music and Spotify to name a few. Later this year, Alexa integration will also be added, meaning you can control the speaker with just your voice.

You can purchase a Sonos Playbase globally starting April 4. Current Sonos owners can pre-order now at