Sonos sells a variety of connected speakers but, currently, the best option for folks looking to add better sound to their TV is to either pair two standalone units or Sonos Soundbar. A new solution dubbed the “Playbase” leaked recently, and it may provide yet another option for home theaters.

The Playbase, which was spotted passing through the FCC, posted on B&H before quickly being pulled, and noted by ZatsNotFunny, appears to sit under a TV set, serving as a sort of speaker plate with stereo sound.

Like some other Sonos products, it appears to have an Ethernet jack and will almost certainly allow users to play audio from the TV as well as from other sources, like Spotify or Pandora, through the Sonos application. It’ll probably sync up with other Sonos speakers, too.

Sonos Playbase expected in March for $699

The Sonos Playbase will allegedly cost $699, the same price as the Sonos Soundbar. It’s either bound to replace the Soundbar entirely or to serve a market that needs something more compact. Sonos hasn’t confirmed a release date yet, but a listing on B&H first spotted by Engadget suggests that it could hit the market as soon as next month.