Sonos officially announced the Play:1 today, the most wallet-friendly member of the company’s line of speakers. Coming in at $199 (and currently bundled with a Sonos Bridge, a $49 value), the Play:1 finally offers an entry point into the ecosystem of our favorite wireless speaker system that doesn’t break the bank. The Play:1 works the same as other Sonos speakers, acting as a modular audio experience you can mix and match other Sonos speakers with. You can use the speaker as a lone audio source, buy two and use them as stereo speakers, join them up as rear channels with your Sonos PLAYBAR for a surround sound experience, or add a Sonos SUB to enhance the mids and lows of your audio. We received a Play:1 to review, so we decided to unbox it for your viewing pleasure.

The first thing you notice about the Play:1, even before you open the box, is that the Play:1 is heavy. Coming in at just over 4lbs, it’s got a lot going on inside; however, it’s surprisingly small considering its heft, standing at just 6.36-inches tall. It’s also designed beautifully, with a seamless aluminum grill that wraps entirely around the device, and comes in white and black models, both of which look premium. Sonos has changed up the buttons on the top of this particular speaker; instead of a mute button, the Play:1 has a play/pause button that will make it easier to get your audio going. The Android and iOS Sonos apps assist you in managing each speaker separately, linking up/de-linking speakers into various setups, and maintaining an easy hub for each music service Sonos is compatible with (hint: it’s a lot of services, if you haven’t used the app).

We’ll be putting the Sonos Play:1 through its paces in a full review, so leave any questions or features you’d like to see reviewed down in the comments.

Sonos Play:1 Gallery