Next month, Sonos will make a major announcement. The company is preparing to launch something that will debut on June 6 during a launch event in San Francisco. While there’s nothing official known just yet, Sonos’ teaser for the upcoming product along with previous reports tell us what to expect.

The teaser shows a bunch of remotes lined up aside each other. Based on a recent FCC filing, the product should be a successor to the Playbar or Playbase that includes an HDMI port. The connection would go directly to your television and enable control from a single remote.

Sonos says “you’re better than this,” which we’d have to agree with if you haven’t tried cutting down on remotes already.

Expect a digital assistant to be built-in. The filing with the FCC also revealed there are microphones inside to hear nearby users. Sonos is likely to include Amazon’s Alexa for voice commands, and Google Assistant could join immediately or at a later time.

Keep an eye on TechnoBuffalo the day of the event to see what’s introduced by Sonos.