Sonos discounts can be somewhat rare these days, but usually around large shopping events you see a few of them drop in price. This year, in favor of discounting the hardware itself, Amazon is tossing in some gift cards with the most popular Sonos products, including the Play:1 speakers, Beam sound bar, and more.

Two rooms: Two Room Set with Sonos Play:1 + $30 Amazon Gift card

The Sonos Play:1 speakers have been around for a while, and while the Sonos One is the newest in town, the Play:1 shouldn't be overlooked. This is a 2-speaker bundle and comes with a free $30 gift card. You can use the two speakers to play the same music in stereo, or to play different songs in different spaces. The choice is yours.

$298 + $30 Amazon Gift card at Amazon

Latest option: Sonos One (Gen 2) + $50 Gift Card

The Sonos One speaker was the first smart speaker from Sonos that brought Alexa support, and it's since been replaced by a second-gen option. The changes are small, but if you're after the latest and greatest, this is it. We haven't seen a discount on this, so being able to get $50 for free is a pretty sweet option.

$249 + $50 Gift Card at Amazon

For the TV: Sonos Beam + $100 of Gift Cards

If you are a Sonos user, the Beam is a perfect sound bar for your TV, though it's a bit pricey normally. This offer nets you $100 in gift cards that you can use for your next purchase (maybe another Sonos speaker?!), and makes it the most affordable we've ever seen. You can use it for TV, music, and more, and it offers support for Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant.

$499 + $100 of Gift Card at Amazon

Largeeeeerrrr: Sonos Playbar TV Soundbar with Sonos Wall Mount Kit + $50 Amazon Gift Card

The Playbar is Sonos' original sound bar option, and it's larger than the Beam. If you're looking for the biggest, and loudest, this is the way to go. You get a gift card and a wall mount with this offer, so don't miss out.

$699 + $50 Amazon Gift Card at Amazon

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