Last week, an eagle-eyed shopper at a Target caught the newest Sonos speaker on retail shelves a little earlier than planned. This morning, Sonos made the Play:1 wireless speaker official, adding a new wallet-friendly option to the Sonos family of speakers. The best part of this morning’s announcement? The Play:1 is available now online and in retail stores around the country. As part of release the Play: 1 will be bundled with a Sonos Bridge (a necessary component to the system that’s usually sold separately), for a very affordable $199.

We’re huge fans of Sonos and their high quality wireless speaker setups (we raved about their PLAYBAR in our review), but we’ll admit the entry price for Sonos equipment can seem high to the uninitiated. The Play:1 changes that perception, and we’re happy to see Sonos moving into a more affordable starter price for anyone interested in seeing what their products are all about. If you’re not familiar with Sonos, their wireless audio speakers are switchable, offering a multi-zone sound experience throughout your home, giving everyone the ability to add/remove speakers from their setup with ease. The speakers run via your Wi-Fi network (and not via Bluetooth), and their speakers produce rich, deep sounds usually reserved for products well above their price point.

Sonos’s motto is, “Fill your home with music,” and it looks like it’s about to be even easier to do that with the Play:1, as it’s smaller than their other speakers, the large Play:5 and the medium Play:3. You’ll be able to use a single Play:1 as a standalone speaker, or link a pair to create stereo sound. You’ll also have the option of adding a pair of Play:1 speakers to your PLAYBAR as rear channels, mirroring the same functionality and use cases as the Play:1’s larger counterparts. 

Make sure to check our unboxing of the Play:1, and leave your comments and questions down below.