By now, you might have heard that the Internet is up in arms against the latest Mighty No. 9. trailer, which is insulting to anime fans and professional video game marketing teams everywhere. One further little laughing point gamers have noticed is how much explosions in the game look like Chuckie Cheese pizza.

You can’t get around it. That’s really what it looks like.

Everyone is in on the laugh, even the last franchise on Earth to have any wiggle room to point fingers and chuckle at others’ misfortunes. When the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account is calling you out for your silliness though, you know things are going wrong.

This jab is just a little too epic to ignore, so I will delightfully share it with you.

Well played, SEGA. Well played. Now, how’s that latest Sonic the Hedgehog game coming along?