Hold the phone, friend. You’re telling me that gamers in Europe saw a slower Sonic the Hedgehog than the one I played as a kid in America? That is, well, incredible.

A video posted by Nostalgia Nerd back in September is making the rounds now, and it takes more than 17 minutes to explain the differences between NTSC and PAL signal standards. NTSC is what America used for analog television signals, while PAL is what Europe used. If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you might remember seeing the NTSC or PAL logos on VHS tapes, for instance.

Anyways, as the video explains, Sonic the Hedgehog ran at 60hz for NTSC (America) and 50hz for PAL (Europe), thus creating a genuine speed disparity.

The whole game slows down. The music, the animations, the gameplay is all slower for Europe. European gamers back then probably didn’t even know any better.

This is blowing my mind, folks. Wow.