Egads! Another new Sonic game, another new debut trailer designed to get the blood flowing. Sonic Runners is showing of its stuff as a mobile game in its debut trailer, and by all means, it does look like a lot of fun.

This has become something of a pattern over the years. An initial trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog will come along and make everybody excited, and then our dreams are dashed to pieces once more and more reveals are made.

In this trailer, it just looks like pure and simple Sonic re-imagined as an infinite runner. Three play styles depending on the character you choose, and nothing but pure speed afterwards. Just what the fans have been asking for for all these years.

What's not to like? For a mobile infinite runner, it could be a lot worse.

Will micro-transactions ruin the experience? Will we be forced to play as any of Sonic's lame friends beyond Knuckles and Tails? Will it force 3D on us and become absolutely horrible for it? Will there be an unskippable fishing mini-game? What is that "something" which could derail this Sonic game like so many before it?

I'm hoping that something never comes up, and our hero has a chance to shine somewhere, even if it is in a little throwaway mobile game. Do we get excited about this? Is the timing right for another "good" Sonic game? I think so, but Sonic Runners has the added benefit of nobody caring if it fails because, once again, it's a "throwaway mobile game."

Win, win for SEGA here. I hope they can pull it off with this one.