Sonic Mania has 30-something gamers around the world whooping and cheering for the franchise like we haven't seen in nearly 20 years! The game is taking us back to the 16-bit days when it was still universally praised around the world, and each bit of footage that makes its way out looks better and better.

For example, we have this latest bit from YouTube Channe Kinda Funny Games. Host Tim Gettys and Sonic Mania producer Lola Shiraishi sit down and explore a few new levels not shown in previous footage. The real treat though is that Gettys gives us a first look at two new playable characters named Tails and Knuckles.

Maybe you've heard of them.

Sonic Mania proves 16-bit never fell out of fashion

The 16-bit generation always has and always will feel like the one immortal gaming generation. No matter how many consoles and devices come and go, if a developer slaps those 16-bit sprites into a game, it's sure to get people talking.

Especially when it's this well done. Good show, SEGA!

Sonic Mania will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017. Don't even think that SEGA hasn't considered a port to the Nintendo Switch yet, either.