Sonic Lost World is giving the blazing blue mascot a chance to put that extra skip in his step which set him apart in the 1990s and finally return to center stage on the long video game mascot walkway. The exclusive deal scored by Nintendo puts Sonic in the hands of a company he once had way too much ‘tude for, and there is nothing holding him back from being shy of amazing besides the tendency of Sonic Team to go a little too far.

So far, everything the team has shown off has come together perfectly. They have that urge in check this time, and no gimmicks seem to be ruining this complete game yet.

From the level design, speed, and platforming to even those power-ups called “Wisps” I had been suspicious of, everything about this game screams of the popular character’s Golden Days. It’s been forever since a Sonic game walked away with universal praise, and it could really help with SEGA’s image if this game is pulled off just right.

The TGS trailer also dives into a few extra features exclusive to the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game, including multiplayer modes, 3D effects and touch screen effects which will affect Sonic’s movements.

I had been carefully cautious about this Sonic game, as I had done with all the previous Sonic games in recent memory, but I can’t remain cynical anymore. I want this game to be a success so badly.

Sonic Lost World will be available on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS this October 22nd.