Sonic Lost World has done an impressive job remaking the Emerald Hill Zone look gorgeous in all the trailers so far. How about some of the other favorite classic stages as well? A new gallery from SEGA has several of these new re-imagined levels looking just as sharp.

Most noticeably is the Casino Night Zone, made popular in the older games for its gambling themes and slot machine mini-games scattered throughout the stage. Other stages include an ancient Egypt inspired level, much like the Sandopolis Zone from Sonic and Knuckles, and a jungle which has Sonic running through the trees in a dense forrest.

When I was a kid, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the game I spent the most time with, and it’s there that I want Team Sonic to take more inspiration from. The Casino Night Zone goes without saying, but there is also the Mystical Cave Zone, Oil Ocean Zone, and Hill Top Zone. I wonder what other levels will crop up in trailers and screenshots before release.

What are some favorites you’d like to see come back?

Intricate level design, multiple paths, and layers of secrets are what made the old Sonic games so much fun, and in this regard, they’ve been impressive so far in bringing Sonic to the new generation. I hope they look just as great in motion.

Sonic Lost World is being released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U on October 22nd.