And low and behold we find the reason that Sonic the Hedgehog rarely pops up on consoles anymore. He's too busy tearing up the mobile space!

SEGA has just revealed some interesting figures regarding its mobile game Sonic Dash. The infinite runner spin-off has been downloaded over 100 million times! Yeah, no need for quality console games anymore when these are the results of putting your games, pretty solid ones too, on smartphones and tablets for free.

Even Mario doesn't have a game that's been picked up by 100 million users. Think about that for a few minutes all you early 90s kids.

Sonic Dash took about two years to reach this figure with the iOS version launching in March 2013 and the Android version hitting the market the following year in Dec. 2014.

Meanwhile, SEGA also revealed that the game has been played for 123 million hours, or roughly 140 centuries in total. However, the longevity of the game has been called into question with the average player turning in only 74 minutes of game time. That's a whole lotta people and not that much time.

The breakdown probably comes between a large number of people who only play Sonic Dash for an hour and never look at it again and a few hardcore fans who play it all the time.

Interesting statistics, and it could shine a lot of light into the future of Sonic titles. His last outing on the consoles, Sonic Boom, was an epic failure, but Sonic Dash screams only of success! Yeah, just accept it. Sonic the Hedgehog is not long for traditional platforms.