Gaming sales have been nuts this year. We've only posted a sampling of the absurd offers being put up across all sorts of networks and on just about every platform imaginable. Now, we bring yet another entry from Microsoft and Major Nelson.

Today's deal for the Xbox 360's "12 Days of Xbox" applies to the Sonic brand and several of its entries sitting for purchase within the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Each title is enjoying a 60% discount on its normal price point.

Sonic 4, Episode 1 and Sonic Adventure (that one's brand new to the XBLA marketplace) are down from 800 Points to just 320 ($4). Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 are each only 160 Points ($2), down from 400. The Sonic Adventure Upgrade to the director's cut is also down from 400 Points to 160; it adds a ton of new missions to the original game.

If you've got an Xbox 360 and you're looking to reminisce with one of the gaming scene's favorite characters and his best games, it's now time to pony up a small amount of cash and score the whole library. You could be the envy of every time travelling kid from the 90s if you tell them you just scored Sonic 1, 2 and 3  for $6…total.

[via Major Nelson]