Nintendo signed a deal with SEGA that would put the popular speedy hedgehog exclusively on Nintendo platforms for three games, and the last of these three is by far the strangest. Sonic Boom, as it is called, will be leaving the typical halls of Team Sonic and Dimps, and it will even be crossing the ocean and be developed on Western shores.

The Wii U version of Sonic Boom is being developed by Big Red Button Entertainment, and I kid you not, it will be powered by the CryEngine 3. I never thought I’d live to see the day that Sonic the Hedgehog was powered by CryEngine 3, but there you go. The Wii U version will focus more on combat and exploration, and it will even work as a prequel to a new 52 episode Sonic Boom cartoon series produced by OuiDo! Productions.

Sonic’s new gimmick revolves around a string of lightning called the “enerbeam,” and it will not only be his weapon in this new world, but it will also be used as a tool for getting around. Joining him are friends Tails, Amy and Knuckles, who looks like he’s been hitting the roids a little too hard.

Sonic has also learned to accessorize with his cute little brown scarf and bandaged feet from running so much. It makes him look all rustic. Check him out below.

The Nintendo 3DS version is being made by Sly Cooper 4 developer Sanzaru Games, and it will feature different levels and enemies.

So how about it? Big Red Button’s website claims it is the “first western developer to be selected to create an alternate Sonic game title,” but maybe they just have never heard of a little studio called BioWare. It’s oversights like this that don’t sit well with me

I’m still a little lost at what to think. Team Sonic seemed to be getting back on track, but Sonic Lost World derailed that pretty quickly. I think it’s safe to say that nobody saw this new direction coming, but it could have long lasting implications for the series. What if the kids really catch on to Sonic again in America thanks to both the game and the series, and SEGA decides this is what’s best for him?

Is every Sonic game is going to be made using CryEngine 3 then?

What is poor Guile going to think?

What a strange new world we live in. More on Sonic Boom as SEGA makes it available. Stay tuned.