We ran a rumor late last week that suggested Walmarts around the United States were prepping to drop the upcoming price cut for the Nintendo 3DS earlier than Nintendo announced. The cut from $250 to $170 is supposed to happen on August 12th, Walmart, according to this rumor, was going to drop the price of the system today, August 9th.

The big deal in this news comes from the Ambassador program, Nintendo's apology and consolation prize to consumers that picked up the Nintendo 3DS at its previous launch price. If you own a 3DS before August 12th, the day of the cut, and you log onto the eShop at least once, you'll automatically become a Nintendo 3DS Ambassador. Being an Ambassador earns you 20 free games to be released in the near future, 10 of which will never be released to other 3DS owners.

So, the skinny with this Walmart rumor was that folks could buy the Nintendo 3DS at the $170 price point while reaping the rewards of having purchased the device for $250. For those that have even been remotely on the fence about the Nintendo 3DS since its launch, not going into Walmart and taking advantage of this supposed deal would have been downright foolish.

And that's where our own Sean Aune steps in. Sean, the Editor-in-Chief for TechnoBuffalo, has been calling and going to several Walmarts in his region early this morning in order to verify or falsify the rumored early price drop. I did the online hunting for him; and, no, Walmart.com is not offering the system at $170 yet.

After trying a bunch of stores, Sean called one Walmart a few towns over from his home. The shop in Moberly, MO, 45 miles away from our now tired EIC, received Sean's call and immediately went to the computer to check if the new price had taken effect. While on the phone, the store's employee informed Sean that they had literally just received an email from corporate regarding the price drop. The employee informed Sean that the price drop has come early.

Our EIC went directly to his local Walmart after vowing to me that he'd make them change their price. I wished him luck, he's probably off somewhere playing Ocarina of Time 3D.

Go to Walmart! Check their price drop status for yourselves. Whether you succeed or fail, let us know in the comments below!

Good luck.

UPDATE from Sean: My closest store's electronics manager is out today and tomorrow, which led to the counter employees informing me they are not authorized to do price drops.  You may have to try one to two stores before you find the new price.

UPDATE 2 from Sean: I was finally able to get the 3DS at the $170 price from my local Walmart, and yes, I was eligible for the Ambassador program, so the trick does work.