windows-8-in-app-adsAfter months of anticipation, Microsoft's brave new OS, Windows 8, is available and ready for full consumer attention. The company's new approach to how users interact with its software (all the way down to Surface and Windows Phone 8) is something to applaud, and really shows that Microsoft doesn't want to meddle in mediocrity. But as more and more people get their hands on the new OS, one semi-ugly and almost inexcusable red flag is being raised: built-in ads within some apps.

According to Rob Williams of HotHardware, ads are consistently found within apps such as Finance, Weather, Travel, News, "and so forth." We're not sure how deep and extensive the issue goes, but seeing ads unexpectedly pop up isn't quite serendipity. So what's up, Microsoft? Ads in free software is one thing. Hocking 3-in-1 full size Braun shavers in an OS consumers pay for is another. Here's what Williams had to say:

But there are other angles to look at this from. People subscribe to cable, and see ads. However, the difference there is that's a recurring subscription, and it could be assumed that without ads, cable fees would be much higher. Then there's the fact that the apps inside of the Modern UI are all Internet-capable, so in a sense, they all act like their own customized browser. We're used to seeing ads on websites, so is this really that different? It's hard to say, but again, as free services, that's to be expected.

It might not be a big deal for some people since the ads aren't intrusive in any way, shape or form, but others might find it annoying. Is there an opt out button? We are used to seeing ads pop up inside web browsers, and we expect them in other places, like on TV or the radio. Still, it's odd to see it inside of a desktop OS. Microsoft didn't say a word about it during its Oct. 25 event; it's likely the company felt it wasn't necessary to warn people at all.

Should it have said something?

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