If you're still struggling to get your hands on a Nexus 6, don't be too frustrated — things could be worse. Some customers who have managed to grab one are reporting that their handset has been shipped with a defective back cover that has begun peeling away from the handset's chassis.

The photo above, which was sent to Phandroid, demonstrates the problem. As you can see, the back cover on this particular handset has become separated from the device itself, leaving a gaping hole in its side. The issue seems to be affecting a recent batch of Nexus 6 handsets, but its cause is a little unclear at this point.

While some believe the issue could simply be down to the glue Motorola is using, others say that a defective battery — which is bulging inside of their Nexus 6 — is causing the back cover to be literally pushed away from the device. On some handsets, the problem was present upon arrival; with others, it appeared gradually over the course of a few weeks, owners say.

"One Redditor claims that he, and four of his friends have the separation on their devices but are using a TPU case to cover it up out of fear that a a new replacement would only have the same problem," Phandroid reports. Motorola has also confirmed that it is "seeing a few" complaints about the problem.

If you're experiencing this issue and you believe the battery is to blame, you should be very careful about how you handle your smartphone. Bulging batteries aren't normal (obviously), and they do have a tendency to explode. But whether it's the battery or not, you shouldn't ignore it.

Contact Motorola or the carrier/retailer that sold you your device right away. If you're eligible, get a refund and purchase a brand new handset. If you're not, get a replacement or have it sent off for repair. You may be without your phone for a little while, but you shouldn't settle for a defect like this.