SOMA, the new horror title from Frictional Games, will release September 22 of this year, the studio announced this week alongside a new, 12 minute gameplay trailer.

Frictional Games is also responsible for the Penumbra games and, more recently, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. What little we know about SOMA is that our protagonist wakes up in a lab without any memory. Through previous gameplay and story trailers, we've learned that the facility he's in is used for experiments that are, to say the least, unethical. In this video, we meet Carl Semken, a broken robot who doesn't seem to understand that he's a robot. Then, we find the dead body of Carl Semken.

SOMA pulls from Amnesia to some degree in that this is a first person exploration game without any combat. There is also a being or beings guarding the facility who aren't too pleased that you're there snooping around, forcing you to try to avoid them. It's a science fiction setting instead of a Victorian one, and looks to focus more on body horror and loss of humanity.

I'm looking forward to checking this one out when it hits this fall on September 22 for PC and PlayStation 4.