SOMA, from the makers of Amnesia, offers a really insane take on science fiction and psychological horror. It all takes place within a ship deep below the water, and on that ship are creatures stalking the halls and going after you, the player.

Even watching trailers for this game proves that I’m a tiny little baby. Yowza.

Thomas Grip, Creative Direction at Frictional Games, took to the PlayStation Blog to talk a bit about how they’re trying to keep the creatures in SOMA creepy throughout the entire game. He boils it down to a five method plan. The whole article is worth a read, but here are the teams methods in numbered list fashion.

1.) Creatures Have A Varying Degree of Hostility

2.) AI and Tactics Vary for Each Creature Type

3.) Creatures Are Used Sparingly

4.) Obscure Damage System

5.) All Creatures Are Connected to Our Themes

I really, really like points 3 and 4. Games that overuse their elements of horror quickly move from scary to tame. If creatures are used sparingly and it’s exceedingly difficult for players to figure out how to defeat them, they’ll remain scary.

The launch of SOMA is super close. The game will release for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms on September 22, 2015.