There’s a weird, insane Segway competitor here at CES, but waaaaay less goofy looking, and maybe even practical. Better yet, it appears to be super portable—you can easily pick it up and lug it around town (it weighs just 26 pounds). You’d be the coolest kid at school, without a doubt.

The Solowheel has a 15-20 mile range, and speeds up to 10 mph. That’s pretty quick and wild for something that looks like a car boot. There are two foot pedals on each side of the wheel, which are protected by a durable helmet and handle on top. What’s really convenient is that it’s electric, so you can charge it in about 2 hours.

When I saw it with my own two eyeballs, the woman in the blinged-out one-piece said it was off limits to press—no room to drive around!—so I couldn’t take it for a spin. Really, I probably would have crashed through a glass exhibit if I had been given permission to take it around. It self-balances using a gyroscopic electric drive system, and it’s highly maneuverable. It even goes on grass, cobblestones, and slopes, the company said.

People movers are a thing, and I always see them being twirled around beaches and malls. Where was this when I was hoofing it around my college campus?