Disney this week released an expanded trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which focuses more on action and plot. In the footage, we get our best look yet at a cleaned up Millennium Falcon, Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover), and a younger Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich).

It’s been a difficult road for Solo over the past several months. First, directors Chris Lord and Phil Miller departed the movie with only a few weeks left to shoot. Then there were reports about Ehrenreich’s struggles to capture the iconic character.

Based on the latest trailer, the film’s troubled production looks to be firmly in the rearview. There’s an exciting Western vibe on display, which is exactly what fans have been asking for. Here’s everything we learned about Solo in the newest trailer.

The trailer opens with a grim look at Han Solo’s home planet of Corellia, a place that’s being used to build Imperial ships. As the camera pans up, we get a shot of a Star Destroyer under construction.

The next shot features a great look at a character named Enfys Nest, who is described as a female villain and leader of a gang known as the Cloud Riders. Nest will apparently be one of Solo’s primary antagonists, though it’s unclear what her beef is with Han. The standoff gives off a terrific Western vibe, with Han readying his trademark blaster.

A voiceover from Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) provides some exposition. “You’re after something. Is it revenge? Money? Or is it something else?” Qi’ra and Solo reportedly go way back, though their lives diverge at some point for reasons that are yet unclear.

As Qi’ra’s voiceover continues, we get a great shot of Han interrupting a card game, where we find Lando. There’s isn’t much context for this scene, but it could help explain how Han wins the Falcon from Lando, the famous ship that becomes a character unto itself throughout the trailer.

We then meet Qi’ra, who is joined by Han at a swanky party. “You look good,” she says to Han. “Little rough around the edges.” Her commentssuggests the two haven’t seen each other for a long time. Comparing his path to hers, the two have obviously made different life choices.

“Heard about a job,” says Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson) to Han. “Big shot gangster putting together a crew.” That big shot gangster turns out to be Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany), who may wind up being another antagonist in the film.

Side note: Bettany’s character was originally played by Michael K. Williams, but scheduling conflicts meant Williams couldn’t participate in reshoots, thus the role had to be recast.

The next few shots show off Han’s skills behind the wheel. “I’m a driver and I’m a flier.” Han seems to be stealing some cargo, probably for their mission, from an Imperial shipyard on Corellia. The small cut with the huge explosion is probably unrelated to Han’s heist with the speeder.

Over a campfire, Han explains that he’s been waiting for “a long time for a shot like this,” likely referring to the job proposed by Beckett. It’s an innocuous scene until Beckett tosses Han his iconic blaster, otherwise known as a BlasTech DL-44.

What’s great is Solo seems to capture the great dynamic between Han and Chewie. The two share a joke as they enter a lodge (joined by Qi’ra), where they find Lando. Here, Lando is referred to as “the best smuggler around,” thanks to his supreme confidence and ownership of the Falcon.

“I heard a story about you, I was wondering if it’s true,” Han tells Lando.

“Everything you’ve heard about me is true,” Lando responds.

We meet a new droid known as L3-37 (l337) who is apparently Lando’s co-pilot in the Falcon. She sounds suspiciously like Gwendoline Christie, but she is being played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. L3-37 looks to have a bit of a temper, making her the poler opposite of C-3PO.

Han admires the pristine condition of the Falcon, which looks a lot different compared to when we first see it in A New Hope. It’s actually clean!

Beckett warns Han that if he says yes to whatever job they’re going to do, he’ll be in that life for good. Lando fires up the Falcon’s engines and instructs Han to buckle up.

Then the action really ramps up, showing off the train heist and new troopers called Range Troopers. It’s unclear if the train heist is the climax of the film or if it appears early on. We also don’t really know what Beckett and Han are after. Is it money? Supplies?

The Falcon descends onto a planet that looks very uninviting. Many of the places we visit in the trailer have yet to be identified, though it’s pretty easy to infer where they might be. The gassy planet the Falcon descends on may be the space-mining world of Kessel.

Another sequence of shots bounces between action and drama. Beckett warns Han that nobody can be trusted, while Chewie cozies up to a female Wookiee. The action is very gritty and intense. Then there’s a moment of levity: “You’re a 190 years old?” an incredulous Han asks Chewie.

As the Falcon flies through a storm, a Star Destroyer is lit up by a violent storm. It’s a gorgeous shot that’s punctuated by great drama. A few more action shots show off numerous blaster fights, along with Chewie absolutely destroying someone with a wrestling move.

And the final shot sees Han and Chewie in a dire situation on the brink of death, but we obviously know the outcome.

The trailer does a nice job of laying out the plot while still keeping things mysterious—there’s a satisfying balance. Clearly, the film will feature a lot of action, complemented by beats of drama and comedy. And, come on, Lando looks so damn suave.

So close to its May 25 release, we’re still not entirely convinced Solo will be a good movie. But we’re certainly more hopeful after seeing this latest trailer. Hopefully, Han’s legend is properly captured when the film hits theaters next month.