Microsoft has promised to be friendlier with the PC gaming crowd, but something is clearly wrong when it can't get Solitaire right! The Windows 10 version of the world's most famous free game this side of Minesweeper is ready for the taking, but there is a catch. You'll have to cough up money to fully enjoy it.

Screenshots show all the signs of a disgustingly designed freemium game. Coins, daily challenges to earn more coins, and most importantly, options to pay to play the game without advertisements. The entire Solitaire collection will cost $1.49 for a month or $9.99 for a year, which is admittedly not that much, but it is still infinitely more pricey than every other version of Solitaire in the program's history.

Players are saying that the Solitaire advertisements will randomly cover the entire game screen for a full 15 to 30 seconds, making it impossible to enjoy the game, especially if you like keeping score with time.

Solitaire has been part of the Windows experience for as long as I can remember, and it has been 100 percent free throughout that entire time. Yes, I still pull it up every once in a while for old time's sake, but now I don't think I'll bother anymore. This is a cheap, underhanded way for Microsoft, and adapting to the times is hardly an excuse for this.